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Analytics for Human Information: Keyview Android – HP Enterprise Business Community

Who far better to tell the storyline compared to man himself? Here goes »

More to come!
The solution: HP KeyView
The same functionality might be employed by virtually any Android app; just upload the file as well as have the HTML back. 1 day duration as well as the sky is the limit.
An advantage regarding developers, HP Keyview »s 2nd facet permits you to adopt exactly your same files we discussed higher than and convey a new facsimile associated with it »but in HTML rather that it is original proprietary format. Then, to get this right, 1 provides to keep track of the proprietary application in which come up with file, that is moving forward coming from variation to always be able to model (think MS office 2010 in order to 2013). Generally, they’re proprietary along with tied for the application that will these folks were created with, for instance term processing, spreadsheet, along with presentation formats. About 1 hand, it »s an SDK whose job it truly is to adopt files along with provide a person with back again your text, metadata, and other relevant properties coming from individuals files (although this is somewhat of a simplification with the problem). Then, all of my app provides to accomplish will be upload personal files and load the particular resulting HTML right straight into a WebView. To Become Able To recap, we are operating a range of hack-a-thons around our core HP IDOL product, as well as the target is actually creating data-driven applications. An app with regard to PDF files, an app regarding MS office documents, and also what do I use in order to view which obscure file format X?
In seeking through your outcomes, I must say I ended up being spoilt regarding choice. It »s one of these enviable moments where you’ve the luxurious of experiencing choices and thus they are generally all great! Anyhow, this certain case caught attention because it »s so incredibly clear how a finish user will get value, also it struck me as genius. I will even inform you a little more about the quantity of of you can begin for you to play a component on this exciting evolution associated with the applying creation world.

Now that we possess a baseline understanding, again towards the hack-a-thon.

I personally can easily see virtually all companies and individuals that will generate any form of application that are responsible for communicating or perhaps exchanging information needing this to allow seamless communication. This has a file and also generates an HTML rendering involving it. I does this using the « Near Native View » function. Creating an app to let customers access the company »s document management system? Allow these view any kind of file without the particular want for certain viewers regarding every type. Therefore imagine achieving this for much more than 1000 file formats, when you have customers in which run within some involving the roughest environments in forensic investigation along with other similar areas.. The idea looks just similar to the original within format, fonts, pictures, etc., however, you don »t need to have the application in which created it to start it.

I requested the particular chap that created the application to end up being able to compose me the handful of paragraphs and I »m planning to copy it here almost wholesale. one features to offer with each eventuality, through standard metadata (e.g., author, dates, etc.) to customer developed metadata and furthermore the many exceptions which exists inside the software program world. Basically don’t, then a bit message flashes up on the screen declaring « Can’t open up file. » Any time in which happens, I’ll need to head off to the Play Retailer or maybe the iPhone store to always be able to hunt pertaining to something which could cope with almost all the file I want to read. The idea doesn »t issue what I send you »you may interpret it!

One regarding the great reasons pertaining to having creating a Smart Telephone or Tablet can be becoming able to view documents on-the-move. Let »s just state that extracting this stuff from just one or perhaps two file types is tough. This hack-a-thon instance offers me the chance to explain another a part of our technology stack: HP KeyView.

You might bear within mind via my last weblog entry in which I wanted to use this area for you to tell you much more about the outcomes of the hack-a-thons we »ve been running. The Actual file could come from anywhere, but for my app I developed an intent filter in which informs the Android OS that the app could be used to view any kind of file. Provided, involving course, which I provide an app installed that may study the kind involving file I’ve been sent. When a person emails me a document, I do not really get to sit in a desk reading it, I can see clearly on the bus or the train, or even as I sit back in the comfortable chair. Anyone can easily create a substantial fidelity version of the file that will could be opened in any browser simply because it »s within the language of the Internet. The Actual Challenge




Dear Friends,

So utilizing HP Keyview, I lay out in order to create the single Android app in which could view « N » file formats. We don »t feel much with regards to these yet we make use involving them on a regular basis and they are accessible in endless flavours. This way if I tap data throughout an email or even within my listing of downloaded files, my new app emerges being an option for viewing it.

Analytics for Human Information: Keyview Android – HP Enterprise Enterprise Community

HP KeyView provides a couple of sides. This specific consists of rich media files and files embedded inside files, for example email attachments or even embedded OLE objects.


Good information for the app developer

As HP Discover draws nearer, I will share together together with you more of these amazing use cases through our very own development team

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